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Company Vage d.o.o. has laboratory for measuring mass which is accredited by the Croatian accreditation agency according to the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the implementation of the calibration of measurements of mass.


With accreditation certificate no. 6458 and according to HRN EN ISOIIEC 17020 standard, Vage d.o.o. has type C inspection body for verification of scales and weights.


Since September 2006, the laboratory for mass is a full member of the CROKAB-KUL club.
This club is made up only of laboratories for calibration.

By approval decision  issued by DZM, the laboratory for mass became the first authorized body in the Republic of Croatia for performing verification of scales and weights

The laboratory provides services:

  • Calibration of non-automatic scales
  • Calibration of weights
  • Regular and irregular verification of nonautomatic scales
  • Regular and irregular verification of weights
  • Regular and irregular verification of automatic scales - scales for construction

Verification of legal measuring instruments

Legal metrology is applied to measuring instruments when the protection of people and the society as a whole requires that the state pay special attention to the measurement results, and when the intervention of the third independent party is necessary.

Legal measuring instruments must comply with metrology regulations, be tested, verified, and labeled with prescribed labels.

Legal measuring instruments are instruments used for:

  • Measurements in traffic of goods and services
  • Protection of human and animal health, protection of property, environment and natural resources, occupational safety, traffic, accident prevention
  • Check packed products and bottles as metering containers
  • Measures prescribed by the Metrology Act and other laws and regulations issued for their implementation

Verification of legal measuring instruments is a procedure that is being carried out after it has been determined that the instrument has been approved in accordance with the type of instrument and meets the prescribed technical and metrological requirements.

What is Calibration?

Calibration is a set of procedures that under certain conditions establish a relation between the value of the magnitude that shows the measuring instrument and the corresponding values of the standard.

Why is calibration being carried out?

  • Changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and other harmful impacts as well as operation of the operator affect the accuracy of measuring instruments.
  • The accuracy of the measuring instruments changes over time.
  • If the calibration is performed at certain time intervals, the accuracy and correctness of the measuring instruments is guaranteed with the declared measurement uncertainty.

What can be obtained by calibration?

With calibration you get Calibration certificate which assures traceability of your measuring instruments to international standards, maintenance of quality systems and / or laboratory accreditation and it is in compliance with ISO / GMP / GLP requirements.

To whom it is intended?

All those companies and laboratories that own or go according to ISO, EN or HRN standards, and use scales and weights in their processes, as well as all other users who want official confirmation of the accuracy of their scales.


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