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Home Service

Vage d.o.o. have their own service that is organized and equipped for fast and quality work.

The service is authorized under the number 465 by the DZM for inspection and preparation for certification of instruments for measuring mass.

The service is also licensed under the number 116 by the DZM for inspection and certification preparation of hygrometers.


Verification of instruments for measuring mass...

important icon 1 non-automatic scales with accuracy classes I, II, III
          and III, semi-automatic and automatic

         weighing scales;

important icon 1 weighs with accuracy class M1, M2 and M3
         from 1 mg to 20 kg;

important icon 1 scale measuring devices of all areas.

Verification of hygrometers
  for grains...

important icon 1 hygrometers


important icon 1 We are servicing and verifying the scales of
          our own production.

important icon 1 We are servicing and verifying the scales of
          other manufacturers

important icon 1 We are servicing and verifying scales on
          concrete and asphalt bases.

important icon 1 We are modificating mechanical scales to
          electronic scales.

important icon 1 We are servicing and certifying the hygrometers
          for grains

important icon 1 We perform an expert assessment of the state of
          the instruments for measuring mass,

important icon 1 We are servicing and verifying instruments for
          measuring the content of proteins in grains

         NIR analyzers



We have HOT LINE for receiving the complaints:

+385 (0)91 6113 433

We are solving your problems.

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